Switch to the New Way of Plugging with Smart Wi-Fi Socket

Prerna Mishra
3 min readMay 24, 2021


Have you ever wished your appliances could think for you?

Or that you could save energy without having to run around the house every night turning off all the light switches?

Finally, there is a simple way to fulfill your wishes! Smart plugs are a simple first step toward home automation, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

You might be asking what a Smart Plug is and what makes them ‘Smart’ before we get into the great things you can do with them.

What characterizes Smart Plugs as ‘smart’?

A smart plug works similarly to a power adapter in that it connects your power socket to the appliance you want to plug in. It simply turns things on and off at their most basic level. When connected to a smart home platform, however, it becomes a highly useful tool.

They’re dubbed “smart” because they allow you to operate your appliances from anywhere via an app on your phone. The best applications also let you program your smart plugs to turn on and off at specified hours and on specified days.

Some smart plugs go even farther, collecting data on how much energy the gadget attached to it consumes. For the energy-conscious consumer, this is an extremely beneficial feature.

Reasons for Opting This Socket

1. Identify energy-guzzling appliances to save on Budget

Have you ever wondered how much your appliances truly cost to run? Or have you pondered upgrading to more energy-efficient models but aren’t sure which will save you the most money?

You can monitor how much electricity your appliance uses when you connect it to a smart socket. You can always plug one appliance at a time into a smart socket if you don’t want to acquire ten smart plugs. You can then keep track of how much electricity each gadget uses, and you’ll know exactly what’s consuming the most power.

2. Reap the benefits of the ideal temperature.

Have you ever hoped that your air conditioner would turn on by itself on a particularly hot day so that your house would be lovely and cool when you got home? Or that your heater would turn on 20 minutes before you wake up in the morning to make getting out of bed a little bit easier?

You can program your appliances to switch off and on at specific times using a smart plug. This means you may program your air conditioner, fan, or heater to turn on at a specific time, whether it’s summer or winter. Welcome to the future, where you can enjoy your home at the perfect temperature when you get home from a long day at work, or whenever you want!

3. Electrical Fires Can Be Avoided

Any electrical item has the potential to produce a fire or an electric shock, and each one has its own set of risks, ranging from frightening to life-threatening. Toasters, microwaves, clothes dryers, and dishwashers are just a few of the typical culprits.

When you’re not using these appliances, make sure they’re turned off using a smart plug to reduce the likelihood that one of them could break down and catch fire while you’re sleeping or away from home. How’s that for a sense of security?

Bottom Line

The Smart Plug gives you more control than ever before if you’re a control freak. Alternatively, if you simply want to save energy, money, and not have to bother about remembering which switches you turned on that day, you can let the Smart Plug think.

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