How to Maintain Your Crockeries?

Prerna Mishra
3 min readMay 24, 2021


We enjoy serving our guests with our finest crockery sets. It’s a terrific idea to utilize them because it adds a touch of class to your meal. Purchasing pricey sets is insufficient. You must also know how to care for them. An article regarding crockery care can be found here.

Kitchen and dining equipment made of clay or high-quality porcelain are referred to as crockery. Every lady, whether wealthy or not, desires to have it in her kitchen collection. When hosting visitors for lunch or supper, it adds to the entire presentation.

The appearance of a beautiful kitchen is enhanced by having tableware displayed systematically. You must do more than just purchase it. It’s also crucial to keep it clean so that its appearance and polish don’t deteriorate over time. I’ve included a few simple crockery-care tips below.

1. Dishwasher Use

The majority of us clean our cutlery in the dishwasher. Check the dishwasher handbook for the required settings before putting your dinnerware in the dishwasher.

· Dishwasher crockery should not be placed too close together.

· When washing crockery, set the dishwasher to the highest temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

· If you use too much detergent, the crockery may get a dull sheen.

· Check that the detergent you’re using is appropriate for the sort of tableware you have because using the wrong detergent can dull the shine of your super-vitrified glazed crockery.

2. Crockery Should be Washed by Hand

Because chinaware is so fragile, it is recommended that you hand-wash it rather than using a dishwasher to clean it.

· Scratches can be avoided by washing chinaware with a sponge and a light detergent.

· It’s always a good idea to put a cloth in the sink to prevent damage if the crockery falls off.

· After you’ve washed your crockery, dry it with a soft cotton cloth or let it air dry.

3. Antique Crockery Maintenance

Antique dinnerware requires special care because it has memories of previous generations and will be passed down to future generations. It’s most commonly seen as chinaware. This tableware grows increasingly more delicate and fragile as it gets older. It’s easy for it to be chipped or broken.

· It is preferable to hand-wash each item of antique dinnerware rather than using a dishwasher.

· Similarly, don’t put them in the microwave because the high temperatures may be harmful to them.

· Cleaning should be done with gentle detergents and allowed to air dry.

Bottom Line

Handling crockeries is full of carefulness, one mistake, and the whole set sets disturbed, plus you won’t be happy losing any of them. Bone china crockeries are not only beautiful in designs but also of good quality. It is better to make use of these crockeries, on special occasions. This will retain your crockeries for a long time and also won’t let the shine fade off.

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