How to Grow Salmonberry Bush Seeds?

Prerna Mishra
3 min readJun 2, 2021


Salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis) belongs to the rose family and is very closely associated with other blackberry and raspberry. Fish fruits were uncooked or blended with flesh or dried salmon, valued among the people of the First Nations. Other components of the plant were gathered, chewed, and consumed for medicine, including new shooting and bark. The fruit is nowadays made into jams and jellies.

Let us know how to propagate a salmonberry bush plant.

Steps for Perfect Propagation

1. Take cuttings in the autumn while the plant sleeps 4–8 inches long, healthy, with 4 or more buds per piece. Place the cuttings underneath and two buds above the surface of the soil into soil potting or damp sand. Keep the ground damp. Root growth will begin in the springs; put the cuttings in position in the garden until fall.

2. Bend a healthy, flexible branch down to the ground to place the tip and a few inches on the surface of the soil. Secure the branch on the ground using U-shaped wire pushed into the soil to make contact with the earth at the end of the branch. Place a wood branch or part throughout the branch, alternatively, to retain it. When a root system has been established, cut off the root piece and place it in a container.

3. When red to orange, collect the berries. Place them in a strainer and crush hand in hand to crush all the fruits. In a jar, place the pulp and fill it with water. Let the mixture settle and drain the water out; viable seeds should stay at the bottom of the container.

4. Plants salmonberries with full to partial shade in damp areas or marshes. Application to stabilize eroding river banks or to replant damaged areas. Take care throughout the winter to stimulate fresh growth the following spring; salmon fruits grow to around 6 meters in height.

5. Provide 1-inch water weekly, particularly during fruit setting and maturation. Mulch was created for roses in the spring with composted manure. At the beginning of spring use a slow-free fertilizer, such as 10–10–10 or 20–20–20.

In much of the Pacific Northwest (later in cold areas), the berries mature from early May to late July, resembling wide, shining, yellow to orange-red blackberries. Although the fruit is generally called a berry, actually it is a fleshy drupelet aggregated.

Salmonberry has various therapeutic characteristics like many other indigenous plants. It can be used for diarrhea or dysentery as tea. The dressing of burns and open wounds can be utilized as an ad stringent. Due to the attractiveness of salmonberries as food, medicine, and cosmetic attractiveness, one wants to live or, at least, to visit often in the northwest!

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